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Hedwig and the Angry Inch
January 2018

"Zach & Zack have, once again created a domineering piece of stagecraft that brings out a show's strengths, character intimacy, and dark humor."--Lisa Gauthier Mitchison, NUVO

"A play that makes me wonder if it's ever too soon to start a Best of the Year list." --Lou Harry, Indianapolis Business Journal

The Rocky Horror Show
October 2016

“With high expectations and even higher heels, its stellar local cast made its own mark on the Rocky Horror world.” –Brityn Calloway, Indianapolis Monthly

“At the second performance Saturday, all cylinders were firing as the sturdy vehicle roared round its twisted track.


“The climactic scene of vaporizing violence is typical of the coordination and verve the production team brings to this show, from director Zack Neiditch on.” –Jay Harvey, Upstage 

The Great Bike Race
June 2017

“Playwright/director Zack Neiditch has taken this amazing sports story from the distant past and turned it into the lively and original production, THE GREAT BIKE RACE.”—Ken Klingenmeyer, A Seat on the Aisle

“I’ll go as far to say that the irreverent tale of the second Tour de France is among the best, most fully realized Indiana-artist created original plays I’ve seen.” Lou Harry, IBJ

“The refreshing show is a glass of lemonade (maybe with a shot of vodka thrown in), perfect for summer. It’s short, eccentric, and an utter delight.” –Melissa Hall, Stage Write 

Mad Mad Hercules
April 2017

“The imaginative and technically astute use of light and sound, the elaborate use of three-dimensional and shadow puppets, and the wide, always suitable range of costuming were unfailingly, brilliantly realized in this production, directed by Zack Neiditch and produced by Zach Rosing.” –Jay Harvey, Upstage

"Mad Mad Hercules…also has the distinction of being the funniest effing thing I have seen in years. YEARS.

Under the direction of Zack Neiditch, the cast takes the bull by the balls and rips into their roles with relish." -Lisa Gauthier Mitchison, NUVO Newsweekly 

Bat Boy the Musical
May 2016

"A perfect encapsulation of everything Neiditch does well. It's wacky, weird, bold, and surprisingly full of heart." -Catlyn Kavennaugh, Sky Blue Window

“The show is filled with astonishing mullets, melodramatic secrets, outrageous songs, a glowing cross, and British pantomime-inspired characters.” –Lisa Gauthier Mitchison, NUVO Newsweekly 

Heathers: The Musical
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