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About Zack


Zack Neiditch is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana, where he began a life in theatre at the age of 7. He attended North Central High School where he remained active in the arts, and eventually graduated to attend Northern Illinois University. 

At NIU, Zack received training in the Meisner acting technique, Williamson movement technique, and Fitzmaurice vocal technique. He was fortunate to spend a semester in Russia, training at the Moscow Art Theatre School. 

It was during his schooling in Russia that Zack became a director. He changed his major and immediately began a focus on directing, receiving opportunities to assist under established directors and put up his own work. 

Upon returning home to Indianapolis, Zack began producing work with producer Zach Rosing, a partnership that would become known as Zach & Zack.


Zack has gained acclaim for his work all over Indianapolis, combining well-observed acting, highly physical work, and collaboration with excellent designers to create a bold new vision of theatre.  


Directing Resume
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